Hartland Carnival 2018

The Hartland Carnival committee would like to thank everyone involved with this year’s Carnival. There was an army of people involved in hosting the Carnival Week’s activities as well as the Grand Procession on the Saturday night. They all know who they are! Thank you. The Carnival Queen and her attendants led the procession, followed by participants walking or on floats. They all provided a magnificent display despite the really disappointing weather.

The standard of entries in Hartland Carnival was magnificently high, as always. The pictures tell the story. There were nineteen walking entries, which included many large groups, and fifteen floats as well as three entries in the Animal category. We had six marching groups and visiting royalty, along with many others who made the effort to dress up but did not enter for judging.

Themes included fairy tales and nursery rhymes, television programmes and films, topical subjects such as pollution and politics and many more. A full list of results is published on the website, together with all the photographs.

Yemeya – The African Goddess & Sea Creatures won the Best Overall Walker (Blue Riband) as well as being judged Most Entertaining Walkers. The Best Children’s Walking Entry was won by Dennis the Menace, (James Leonard).

The Most Outstanding Float and winner of the Blue Riband was Four & Twenty Blackbirds which was also the Best Local Tableau. The Most Entertaining Float was Bradworthy Committee’s The Greatest Showman.

All our judges, including visitors from far and wide, did a sterling job in spite of the deluge, which made things extremely difficult for them. Hopps, Chapple and Yolanda from the Voice helped with judging for the Walkers this year, so thanks to them for coming. In addition, we provided attractions in the square, including fairground rides, food and other stalls, with free entertainment and displays including Hartland Town Band and Samba Bands.

Of course this annual event could not take place without the support of our sponsors, who continue to support us every year and are listed on the website www.hartlandcarnival.com.

Nick Smith
Oh What a Night!

The sun shone all day and people turned up in there droves to be amazed by a total of 19 Floats and loads of brightly coloured walking entries. As ever the standard was high, special thanks to Bob Seymour (Shoreline Photography) for taking photos, these have now been uploaded to our Photos Page. Thanks to all those who helped out with carnival including all the entrants and the many unsung hero's behind the scenes! It was a great atmosphere this year and the celebrations went well into the evening, time now for a well earned rest as there are only 12 months till the next one.

Hartland Carnival 2014 - Results

Well it was a damp start to our Carnival this year, but what a carnival 20 Floats and too many walking entries to count. As ever the standard was high, for results click this link, photos will follow, please upload any you wish to see on this website onto our Facebook group. Despite the rain the crowds still turned up in their masses, and I am pleased to say a good majority hung around for the entertainment afterwards. Surrounded by fairground rides and stalls, from 8:30pm the Town Band played in the Square Car Park and the weather dried up, this was followed with back to back samba and finished off with an amazing live Fire Performance that wowed the crowd with four performers risking all, they juggled flaming sticks, hula hoops, fire eating, fire breathing and much much more. Inside the Parish Hall from 9pm “DJ DK” provided a Disco around two sets from newly formed band “Damaged Goods”, and further to being rained of from his earlier outside performance WIlderland also performed a set in the Hall. The whole event went off without a hitch with the centenary celebrations going on late into the night, I wonder if those original pioneers of Hartland Carnival though it would ever get so big and go on for so many years! Feedback is welcome on here or the Facebook page, long may the carnival continue, if you want to ensure it does the committee is looking for new independent members or new groups to join, it is a great way to raise fund for you group please get in touch!

Best Decorated Premises 2012 Results

Private Houses First - Edith Ayer of Vicarage Close-Teddy Bears Picnic "Fantastic display Lots of hard work gone into this"

Second - Amy Pillman The Greenwoods-Olymic Fun "Good Variety,good effort"

Third - B Brown Hazeldene Winnie Poo and Friends "Great,well made features,popular topic"

Other entrants were:

Gnome Olympics [Opposite No39 Fore St] did display but didn't enter -"good timing!"

Business Entries

First - Post Office - Black and White "Excellent Display and Characters"

Second - The Pop In-The Old Sweet Shop "Lots of hard work colourful and artistic,really Oldy Worldly"

Third - White Hare Gifts- The white hare of Hartland "Beautiful artwork and lots of thought gone into display"

Other entrants were:

Springfield " Good Story,great tomb!"

No39 Fore Street, The Pottery "Lots of thought ,good pots"

"Judges Comments"

Well done to all involved!

Hartland Carnival 2011 Results


Class 1 (Under 15 Pair) – No entries

Class 2 (Under 15 Single) – No entries

Class 3 (Under 10 Pair) – 1st ‘Clowning Around’ (Tallulah Thomas, Abigail Toase, Megan Pillman & ‘Obe’ the dog); 2nd ‘Star Wars’ (Liam O’Sullivan & Matthew Morgan).

Class 4 (Under 10 Single) – 1st ‘Amy Winehouse’ Jasmine Njie; 2nd ‘Cowgirl’ (Rachael Hamilton).

Classes 5 (Under 6 Pairs) and 6 (Under 6 Single) – No entries

Class 7 (Individual Adult) – 1st ‘Tarka the Otter’ (Alison Rikman); 2nd ‘90th Anniversary of RBL’ (Margaret Wood);  3rd ‘The World’s Biggest Toddler’ Simon Cornish.

Class 8 (Adult Pair) – 1st ‘Comfort People’ Christine Southern & Marisa Littlejohns.

Class 9 (Groups – Adults & Children) – 1st ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’ Debbie Simmons & friends; 2nd ‘Harry Potter comes to Hartland’ Leonard Family & friends; 3rd ‘Mr. Men’ Lake, Kinnish, Lavercombe & Shapland. 

Class 10 (Groups – Adults only) – 1st ‘Venetian Masked Ball’ Hartland & Bideford Day Centres; 2nd ‘The Knock UFO Alien Attack’ Jim Knock & friends.

‘Hartland Carnival Cup’ and Blue Riband for Best Overall Walking Entry - ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’

‘Hart Inn’ Trophy for the Most Entertaining Walking Entry - ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’


Class 11 (Artistic Tableaux) – 1st ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (Rob & Lindsey Allin & friends); 2nd ‘Wild Wild West Country’ (Andy & Savannah Olde & friends).

Class 12 (Children’s Tableaux) – 1st ‘Chicken Run’ (Deptford Farm and friends); 2nd ‘Harry Potter & The Wizkids – the final flight’ (Guy & Zoe Allin & friends); 3rd ‘Hartland Remembers’ (Colin & Sarah Goaman and friends).

Class 13 (Topical Tableaux) 1st ‘Chillian Miners’ (Gawlish & friends); 2nd ‘Wild Wild Southwest’ (Richard Shearing & friends); 3rd ‘Smurfs Devon Tour’ (Woolsery YFC).  (7 entries)

Class 14 (Comic Tableaux) 1st ‘Yeo Valley Rap’ (Bryan & Kelly Olde & friends); 2nd ‘Nissan Water Powered Hybrid’ (Brian Andrew); 3rd ‘Beach Party’ (Max Heard & friends). (10 entries).

Class 15 (Animal or Animal Drawn Vehicle) – No entries

Class 16 (Small Motorised Vehicle) 1st ‘Harry’s Hot Hartland Harem’ (Heard, Threlkeld & Harding families); 2nd ‘The Lynx Effect’ (Bret Clark & friends); 3rd ‘TED 1’ (Chris, Jack & Alice Cory).

Class 17 (Queen of Queens Cup) – No entries

Blue Riband for Best Overall in the Tableaux Classes - ‘Chicken Run.’

The ‘Milky Way Millennium Cup’ for Most Artistic Tableau – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

‘Jamie Johns’ Memorial Trophy for the Most Entertaining in the Tableaux Classes - ‘Harry Potter & the Wizkids’

‘Hartland Carnival Shield’ for the Best Local Tableau ‘Chicken Run.’