Best Decorated Premises Results

After much deliberation and significant thought the Judges have made thefollowing decisions:

Business premises 1st: Post Office - Wild Wild West- Commended for its rich use of history, vibrant colours, authentic typography and having a horse. We didn't take kindly to being intimidated by the Indian though! 2nd: The Pop-in - Disney Princesses - was only just pipped to the post by a fraction of a point, fantastic art direction, adorable princesses and a breathtaking floral display. 3rd Farm and tea shop - Fruity Veg - The easy left-of-field alternative winner, what it lacked in size it made up for in comedy and originality.

Residential 1st: In the Night Garden - For a second we thought we were 'in' the night garden. Attention to detail was second to none, execution was perfect, we've got a suspicion they may have stolen the sets. 2nd: Lazy day under the sea - Innovative use of foil and impressive use of limited space 3rd: Little Miss Muffet - A rigorous exploration of the theme, we noticed a lack of curds and whey, which just lost a second place accolade. Otherwise ... great job.

Other points of note: Springfield Pottery: Stylistically one of the most competent it deserves a special commendation. Fawlty Towers: Where was Manuel? Cocktails in Kefelonia: We were really hoping to be offered some

Well done & thanks to all those that entered, the committee really appreciate your efforts! Thanks also to the Judges! - Ed