Hartland Carnival 2011 Results


Class 1 (Under 15 Pair) – No entries

Class 2 (Under 15 Single) – No entries

Class 3 (Under 10 Pair) – 1st ‘Clowning Around’ (Tallulah Thomas, Abigail Toase, Megan Pillman & ‘Obe’ the dog); 2nd ‘Star Wars’ (Liam O’Sullivan & Matthew Morgan).

Class 4 (Under 10 Single) – 1st ‘Amy Winehouse’ Jasmine Njie; 2nd ‘Cowgirl’ (Rachael Hamilton).

Classes 5 (Under 6 Pairs) and 6 (Under 6 Single) – No entries

Class 7 (Individual Adult) – 1st ‘Tarka the Otter’ (Alison Rikman); 2nd ‘90th Anniversary of RBL’ (Margaret Wood);  3rd ‘The World’s Biggest Toddler’ Simon Cornish.

Class 8 (Adult Pair) – 1st ‘Comfort People’ Christine Southern & Marisa Littlejohns.

Class 9 (Groups – Adults & Children) – 1st ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’ Debbie Simmons & friends; 2nd ‘Harry Potter comes to Hartland’ Leonard Family & friends; 3rd ‘Mr. Men’ Lake, Kinnish, Lavercombe & Shapland. 

Class 10 (Groups – Adults only) – 1st ‘Venetian Masked Ball’ Hartland & Bideford Day Centres; 2nd ‘The Knock UFO Alien Attack’ Jim Knock & friends.

‘Hartland Carnival Cup’ and Blue Riband for Best Overall Walking Entry - ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’

‘Hart Inn’ Trophy for the Most Entertaining Walking Entry - ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’


Class 11 (Artistic Tableaux) – 1st ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (Rob & Lindsey Allin & friends); 2nd ‘Wild Wild West Country’ (Andy & Savannah Olde & friends).

Class 12 (Children’s Tableaux) – 1st ‘Chicken Run’ (Deptford Farm and friends); 2nd ‘Harry Potter & The Wizkids – the final flight’ (Guy & Zoe Allin & friends); 3rd ‘Hartland Remembers’ (Colin & Sarah Goaman and friends).

Class 13 (Topical Tableaux) 1st ‘Chillian Miners’ (Gawlish & friends); 2nd ‘Wild Wild Southwest’ (Richard Shearing & friends); 3rd ‘Smurfs Devon Tour’ (Woolsery YFC).  (7 entries)

Class 14 (Comic Tableaux) 1st ‘Yeo Valley Rap’ (Bryan & Kelly Olde & friends); 2nd ‘Nissan Water Powered Hybrid’ (Brian Andrew); 3rd ‘Beach Party’ (Max Heard & friends). (10 entries).

Class 15 (Animal or Animal Drawn Vehicle) – No entries

Class 16 (Small Motorised Vehicle) 1st ‘Harry’s Hot Hartland Harem’ (Heard, Threlkeld & Harding families); 2nd ‘The Lynx Effect’ (Bret Clark & friends); 3rd ‘TED 1’ (Chris, Jack & Alice Cory).

Class 17 (Queen of Queens Cup) – No entries

Blue Riband for Best Overall in the Tableaux Classes - ‘Chicken Run.’

The ‘Milky Way Millennium Cup’ for Most Artistic Tableau – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

‘Jamie Johns’ Memorial Trophy for the Most Entertaining in the Tableaux Classes - ‘Harry Potter & the Wizkids’

‘Hartland Carnival Shield’ for the Best Local Tableau ‘Chicken Run.’