Hartland Carnival 2014 - Results

Well it was a damp start to our Carnival this year, but what a carnival 20 Floats and too many walking entries to count. As ever the standard was high, for results click this link, photos will follow, please upload any you wish to see on this website onto our Facebook group. Despite the rain the crowds still turned up in their masses, and I am pleased to say a good majority hung around for the entertainment afterwards. Surrounded by fairground rides and stalls, from 8:30pm the Town Band played in the Square Car Park and the weather dried up, this was followed with back to back samba and finished off with an amazing live Fire Performance that wowed the crowd with four performers risking all, they juggled flaming sticks, hula hoops, fire eating, fire breathing and much much more. Inside the Parish Hall from 9pm “DJ DK” provided a Disco around two sets from newly formed band “Damaged Goods”, and further to being rained of from his earlier outside performance WIlderland also performed a set in the Hall. The whole event went off without a hitch with the centenary celebrations going on late into the night, I wonder if those original pioneers of Hartland Carnival though it would ever get so big and go on for so many years! Feedback is welcome on here or the Facebook page, long may the carnival continue, if you want to ensure it does the committee is looking for new independent members or new groups to join, it is a great way to raise fund for you group please get in touch!