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    Carnival Route
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    Participants, please go to the area as shown on above map, there will be plenty of stewards around to help on the day.

    Central and Reduced Mobility Parking can be found at the Playing Fields which are located West end of North Road, Main Parking can be found the approach to the village from each main route in and will be well sign posted. Please do not park on the side of the road as large display vehicles will need to get out after the procession. Car parks will be open all evening but the procession road closures will restrict access on the northerly approach so if coming by car please all0w plenty of time to get here before the procession that sets of at 7pm.

    Top Tip #1: Do not rush off as soon as the procession has finished, as there are sometimes delays with display vehicles leaving the village. Please join in with the festivities in The Square (Pink area on the map) or have a drink at one of our pubs. All the local businesses and catering & trade stalls found in the square have supported the Carnival, do please support them if you can! The great carnival atmosphere goes on well into the night, so why not stay locally at one of our B&Bs or campsites!

    Top Tip #2: Fore Street gets very busy with spectators sometimes 3-4 deep, why not try North Road. You might get a better view here, there are pavements on both sides towards the east!

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      Carnival Committee Secretary

      Pat Dean

      Carnival Committee Website

      Louise Leonard

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    We want everyone attending to have a great time, but more importantly we want you to go home to you loved ones intact, please take time to read our safety code and risk assessment, we take safety very seriously, it’s not in place to spoil the fun, on the contrary, it’s there to ensure everyone has a good time!

    1. When preparing your entry, make sure there are no loose objects to fall or roll off and that it is not too high to interfere with flags or overhead cables, all entries to be no higher than 4.5m (15ft).
    2. When riding on the float in the procession
      Never ride on tow-bar or on tractor cab. Please check tow-bars and tow-pins – safety chains and clips are recommended where possible. Ensure brakes and tyres are adequate. children should be seated if possible, or given hand-holds/rails and adequately supervised especially when stopping and starting. Floats that contain children must have a suitable hand rail barrier fitted around the outside.
    3. Please check your insurance cover is adequate. Special cover should be arranged with your insurance company.
    4. Make sure the driver can hear or be aware of any emergency on the float.
    5. All Carnival entrants are requested not to throw water on any objects – Please remember that this is dangerous and that a lot of people have on their best clothes which could be ruined by the throwing of missiles.
    6. When taking a float to and from the carnival
      Secure the float and make sure the driver can see to the front and to the rear. Any vehicles entered should be road legal taxed and tested. If necessary, provide an escort but under no circumstances is the float to be used as a method of transport to or from the Carnival
    7. Excessive consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden (Note: Your insurance cover may not permit any consumption of alcohol, please check these details or you may find you do not have adequate cover)
    8. All persons on animals or animal-drawn vehicles must, (when mounted), wear helmets of the standard BS EN1384 or PAS 015.
    9. During the procession all entrants are asked to keep moving at all times unless in an emergency situation, if a static display is required as part of your performance this needs to be done on a moving tableaux. Any entrants found to be holding up the procession will be asked to leave.
    10. Any entry that utilises a motorised vehicle will be considered as a float/tableaux entry and will need to fill in an insurance form located within the Entry Form, the deadline for online entries is 10pm the day before carnival day!
    11. Persons and floats are to start assembling at 17:00 until 17:45; if the deadline is missed the entrant/s may not be judged. Walkers are to assemble on Northgate Green, or the Parish Hall if raining. Floats are to see a steward who will give them a entry code to display in a prominent position and direct them to there designated area.
      Please review the carnival Risk Assessment, it is created for your safety

    On the day

    Road closures and Parking Restrictions on Carnival Day – Saturday 12th August 2017

    5.30pm – 9.00pm
    Northgate Green, North Road and top of School Lane (North Section) closed during duration of judging

    7.00pm – 9.00pm
    North Street and bottom School Lane (South Section) closed during carnival procession

    10.00am 12th August to 9.00am 13th August.
    The Square and Square Car Park closed for Carnival events – Additional parking will be available and signposted on the day

    7.00pm until 12:00am
    Fore Street closed for carnival procession and evening events.

    Temporary Prohibition of Parking:
    10:00pm to 12.00am The Square
    4:30pm to 12.00am Fore Street
    4:30pm to 9pm North Street, North Road & School Lane

    Polite Request: From Saturday morning of Carnival Day please park in the additional car parks. Please do not park on the roadside of the main routes into and around the village as large vehicles are expected for the carnival procession and entertainment. (The carnival committee will not take any responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles that are inappropriately parked)

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